Netflix #ComedyPremiumLeague

Netflix-Comedy Premium League


Show Identity
Logo Design
Visual Design
Ident and Logo Animation
Broadcast Design
On-Set Post Production

Concept Note

Netflix was in search of stylish, trendy, and offbeat logos for their upcoming series called “Comedy Premium League” (CPL). As the title implies, it was a humorous take on sporting events, or more specifically, a playful twist on a particular sport! CPL had four teams: IDGAF Iguanas, Lovable Langoors, Naazuk Nevle, and Gharelu Gilaharis. Each team’s logo animation matched the animal’s personality and team name. IDGAF Iguanas were aloof, Lovable Langoors flirtatious, Naazuk Nevle sly, and Gharelu Gilaharis intelligent hoarders. The CPL logo combined sports event elements with standup comedy aesthetics. To maintain the sporty vibe, the foxes designed Aston bands, scoreboards, team matchups, and lower-thirds. They followed Netflix’s set design, focusing on polygonal backgrounds with teal and yellow colors, where teal took center stage.

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