ITC Bingo Mad Angles-AI Meme Gallery

ITC Bingo-AI Meme Gallery


Digital Campaign
AI innovation

Concept Note

Bingo Mad Angles wanted to generate buzz around their TVC, by turning its premise of “Uss Raat Kya Hua Tha” into a UGC campaign, prompting audiences to share their wackiest theories to the question. What started as a UGC campaign culminated in the form of the Bingo AI Meme Gallery, showcasing the creativity of Bingo’s audiences in a truly unique manner.

We turned the wackiest theories into memes using Midjourney. After selecting the funniest memes, a storyline connecting all of them was created, which was turned into lyrics using ChatGPT. Runway AI brought motion to our memes, and Uberduck AI and Musicfy turned it into a rap song. With a final touch of mastering using LandR AI, a fusion of tech and creativity resulted in the Bingo AI Meme Gallery, uplifted by a rap video.

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